Willow Inc - Willow.tv charged me extra amount and refused to return

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I subscribed for http://www.willow.tv/ to watch games online. There was an offer then that if I pay for from Jan to June, I will get the free subscription from July - December. Auto pay is scheduled to pay them monthly $15. They charged for July and I asked for the refund and told them that I am entitled to 6 months of free service. Instead of giving my back my money they gave me an ridiculous offer of a credit of $75. The problem I need to use it up by Jan 04?? Now I already entitled to free subscription till december 31st. There is nothing to buy till December. I will loose out the credit. This is a scam.

And this is not the first it has happened. Last year as well, I lost $15 like this, when they charged me when I was not suppose to be charged. They gave me a credit then as well. And I could not use the credit because there was nothing to buy. Also there is no way to track these credits. You are at the mercy of their emails only.

I am already cancelling my auto pay service with them and gonna complaint to VISA guys that these people took advantage of the auto pay service.


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Similar experience here, barring the $75 credit.

In my case, I paid for the World Cup 2011 package ($129), and paid for Jan-June 2011 monthly subscription.

First, they bailed on showing IPL so there was no cricket for about a month though I still had to pay the monthly fee.

Now, they have moved to streaming on Youtube, and are claiming I need to pay for a $99 6-month package to watch the India-Eng test series.

Either their changes are too arbitrary, untested, and not ready for prime time or they are cheating. Take your pick

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